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Sibel Can

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Date of Birth 4-4-05


Imported July 2009

by Shepherds Rest Anatolians

Sibel Sibel
The 5 pictures taken above in Turkey are courtesy of a dear Turkish friend.

Sibel Can (pronounced S'Belle John) was named after a famous Turkish singer and dancer.
She was from the Konya area in Turkey.

Sibel Sibel came from Turkey as a working dog, seen in the above pictures doing her job in Turkey. She was working with Oberhasli and Boer goats at Shepherds Rest Farm. Sibel
Sibel Sibel was a large-boned female with good chest width and large head. Her ears were cropped in Turkey. As a 4-year-old, the black mask on her muzzle was starting to grey around the mouth. Sibel
Sibel Sibel loved human attention and enjoyed greeting visitors. She was not a pushy dog, but if given attention, will lean her head on you affectionately. She also liked to give you a paw. She won all the hearts at the vet clinic when she went for her first appointment. Sibel

Sibel in Sept 2009
Sibel Can Sibel Can


Sibel Can
Sibel Can

Date of birth: 04-04-05
Nornberg Hips: 105 and 106
Weight: 113 lbs
Height: 30"