Image of Shepherds Rest Anatolians Shepherds Rest Anatolians and Oberhasli Goats

Anatolian Information

Adolescent Behavior  •  Aggression  •  Airline Kennels  •  ASD's with Special Needs Children
Barking  •  Breed Standard  •  Coat  •  Collars  •  Evil Eye (nazar boncuğu)  •  Feeding
Kepenek  •  NILIF (Nothing in Life is Free)  •  Off Leash  •  Spike Collars  •  Training

Shepherd Rest dogs featured in...

Guardian Dogs: Best Practice Manual for the use of Livestock Guardian Dogs
Shepherds Rest is honored to have photos featured in an outstanding LGD book published in Australia, by Van Bommel, L (2010), Invasive Animals CRC, Canberra.

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Breeding Set Up for Working Pups

Canine Reproduction

Shepherds and Cell Phones

Shepherd Dog Family in Turkey

Some Notes on Newborns

Working ASD Questions from Africa